About Arstasis

We Believe Self-Sealing Access will be the Standard of Care

Minimally invasive catheter-based procedures have steadily advanced over the last few decades, allowing less traumatic treatments and faster recoveries for more and more types of ailments. But we use the same method of creating the access hole into the artery that was invented over 60 years ago. While effective for accessing the artery and conducting procedures, there are still challenges and problems in getting that hole closed safely and securely with rapid recovery and minimal post-procedure problems.

Rather than invent a better plug, clip or suture method, by thinking differently about the problem, Bruce Modesitt invented a better way of creating that access hole; a hole that helps seal upon itself, rapidly and securely after the procedure is finished. No plugs, clips, sutures or long manual compression methods are needed, and yet typically patients can still sit up shortly and walk within hours after the procedure. Bruce founded Arstasis to develop and offer this technology solution to cath patients, doctors and staff. We call it the AXERA® Access Device, launching a New Era of Access for femoral artery catheterization.

Arstasis has created a revolutionary, self-sealing femoral artery access procedure that eliminates the need for vascular closure implants.  This unique approach eliminates the implant related complications, delivers superb patient comfort and can improve the speed of patient flow through the hospital. 

The Seldinger technique for accessing the femoral artery has been around for over 60 years.  An entire industry of vascular closure implant companies emerged to plug, patch, stitch and staple the artery closed after catheterization procedures.  All of these approaches leave an implant inside the patient – and with implants come implant related complications.  We believe in a new approach. A new way to access the femoral artery though our breakthrough self-sealing access procedure using our AXERA® Access Device. 

Self-Sealing Access, Implant-Free…Naturally.

Arstasis leadership has put together a cohesive team, drawing in talented, dedicated professionals and proven leaders in the medical device field. Together, our team represents a mixture of high energy, deep experience and positive attitude that will help us change the way physicians access and close femoral catheterization procedures. 

Arstasis is a privately-owned medical device company founded in 2004.