Holding 5 minutes versus 20 minutes… is easier not only on the nurse, but the patient as well…

…it became increasingly obvious that this technology would not only save us money but improve patient and staff experiences.

RECITAL Study Results

Results presented below are from Arstasis’ first clinical trial in the U.S., the RECITAL Study. The RECITAL Study was a 351 patient, prospective, multi-center, physician adjudicated US clinical study published in the Journal of Invasive Cardiology. View full publication.


The RECITAL Study demonstrated rapid time to hemostasis, early bed elevation, time to ambulation and discharge using no patient implant and with zero implant related complications.



The RECITAL Study delivered excellent patient comfort with short manual compression times and no patient implant.

RECITAL Study Comfort Level

RECITAL Study Patient surveys comparing Arstasis procedure to a previous (non-Arstasis) experience (n=167)

76% – Arstasis “Better” or “Much Better”
70% – Arstasis “Less Painful” or “Much Less Painful”