Self-Sealing Access, Implant Free… Naturally.

AXERA® Access seals securely using nothing but the femoral artery wall itself. AXERA® Access creates a long, shallow angle arteriotomy that delivers significant tissue-on-tissue overlap through the femoral artery wall. This creates a self-sealing opening that requires only minimal compression for rapid hemostasis and secure closure.

Self-sealing access also provides excellent patient comfort and quick ambulation. And because AXERA® Access deposits no foreign material, it eliminates all implant related complications.


Self-Sealing Access Benefits Demonstrated in RECITAL Study*

  • Significant decrease in manual compression time by half or more
  • Elevate bed to 45º within 15-30 minutes of hemostasis
  • Ambulate patients in 1 to 2 hours
  • No patient implant delivers excellent patient comfort and safety
  1. *AXERA 2 IFU, SECURE II and RECITAL clinical study summaries.