AXERA® Access Device Procedural Steps

Step 1 – Introduce Access Device

  • Introduce 0.035” Latchwire through access needle. Remove needle.

  • Attach Latchwire to distal tip of AXERA® Device and pull-test connection.

  • Advance the device into the artery until blood is observed through the marker port.

Step 2 – Create Self-Sealing Arteriotomy

  • Slide heel actuator back to deploy heel inside artery.

  • Retract AXERA® Device at 55-60º until resistance is felt and blood mark stops or diminishes.

  • Depress plunger to advance micropuncture needle and create self-sealing arteriotomy. 2nd mark should be observed through the marker port.

Step 3 – Remove Device

  • Introduce 0.018” guidewire through plunger port and micropuncture needle.

  • Retract plunger to withdraw the needle and release heel. Remove device.

  • Advance sheath, dilator and Dilator Adapter assembly over guidewire.

The introducer sheath may be removed when clinically indicated. Brief manual compression, above the puncture site, is then applied until hemostasis is achieved.